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KMC's Place Friends On The Net Webring is  a webring designed to bring together sites that contain a variety of topics, and for people who are willing to meet new people on the net.  All sites who joins will have a site suitable for children. All links and graphics will not have any pornography, violence or foul language on it. Also these sites must not violate any copyrights that I know of. If you are interested and your site fits these requirements than follow these steps below to join.

Submit your site to join KMC's Friends On The Net here:
      I want to join KMC's Place Friends On The Net

 You will then receive a notification by email a few minutes after you submit your site, verifying your submission and
  supplying the ring code that you need to add to your web page. Your site is still not active at this point. The ring
  owner will review your site, checking that the ring code is in place. If everything is ok,then I will activate your site in the ring.

Save  the image below.( kmcfriontnet.gif) Upload it to your hard drive.


This is what it should look like on your site.


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If you are already a member and you want to edit your site
for any reason, please use this LINK to edit your site info.