These are just my thoughts shared from my other site.
Take it how you want to but I know what I had,  now have & don't want!
This goes for both men & women I'm just using a man for my own experience. Make sure you check out my forum on my guestbook page for updates!

The Perfect Relationship?

Why are women so naive sometimes?
Don't they realize that a man who does wrong can never be trusted?
Why would they want to keep living that way?
A woman who tries to control a man is not strong
If you have no trust in a relationship it will never work out.
How can you go through each day second guessing everything & watching & checking up on him all the time
Every guy I know in my own relationships, male friends & female friends who went through it can tell you.....
If there was any doubt & you second guessed at all then it is true
You always look in the wrong places but eventually you will find out
Go with your gut feeling your always right!
Not all men or women are like this but I know a few who can lie their way out of
 anything but they eventually get caught and it is ugly

This to me right now is the perfect relationship & it's all mine

It's great to be on the other side for once!
It's nice to know there are no commitments
I can have him any time I choose with no worries or cares
I don't have to deal with anything or anyone
I don't have to support him mentally or financially
Just be there when he calls or comes?
Even when your not he still keeps coming back
He loves me unconditionally even when I'm doing my own thing
I can do what I want when I want and never have to answer to him
I can love him back if I choose to or not
I don't have to pick up the phone when he calls
I don't have to deal with his mess
Someone else gets all that I just get what I want
The best thing of all.............
 I don't ever have to lay next to him at night wondering who he is thinking or dreaming about
I just know !

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