When I am with you, and hugging you,
time stops and I leave this earth and I am in heaven.*

There are many things that I want to be
Let me tell you in case you don't see
Let it be me
Because I want to be...
The shoulder you cry on when nothing goes your way
The person who tells you...when no one else will say
The one to catch you when ever you may fall
If ever you need anything I'm at your beck and call
The first thought you have upon waking
As long as you can give I'll keep taking
I want to be your joy when you have pain
Your sunshine when you are soaked with rain
Your strength when you are weak
The one who loves to hear you speak
The reason for the smile upon your face
The one you run to when you have been disgraced
Let me be your reasoning when you are confused
Your comfort when you feel your being used
The one who holds you when you are afraid
The one who does the things you never said
Let it be me because I know you see
Let it be me...because I want to be*

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